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Cheryong's Seismic Withstanding Cast Resin Transformer is highly efficient and has low noise. It is optimally designed to withstand earthquake magnitude of Richter scale 7.3 by adapting advanced technology with integral spacer and energy dissipation type damper.
■ High efficiency
■ Enhanced performance and lowered the noise by integrally connecting frame, winding and spacer
■ Compact and economical
- With energy dissipation structure, transformer size and cost are considerably reduced
■ Reliability
- Meets the highest design response spectrum, IEEE std 693 High (0.5g)
Product Range
- kVA : Single phase (up to 500kVA), Three phase (up to 12MVA)
- HV : Up to 34.5kV
- LV : Up to 25kV
- Insulation class : B or F
- Applicable standards : KS, IEC, IEEE, CSA and IEEE 693 for seismic requirement
* Available in Amorphous Core
* Customized products are available according to customers' specification and requirements