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Cheryong's Autotransformer is often used for step-up or step-down applications. It contains only one (common) winding with a portion of coil serving both primary and secondary winding. Our Autotransformers are typically used for railways and provide smaller, lightweight size due to the sharing of single coil; resulting in better voltage stability and greater overload tolerance. We offer both oil immersed and cast resin type together with wide range of optional accessories to meet the requirements of our customers.
■ Light and compact
■ Proven stability and reliability
■ Standard accessories
Product Range
- kVA : Up to self capacity of 15MVA / load capacity 30MVA
- Voltage : Up to 55kV/27.5kV
- Type : Oil immersed and cast resin types
- Applicable standards : IEC 60076
* Customized products are available according to customers' specification and requirements