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Many utilities are pursuing underground distribution system for higher reliability as well as the preference of residential and commercial entities for its aesthetic benefits. Our Submersible Transformer is custom-engineered to meet the requirements of our customers. It features a round vertical tank for single phase and rectangular design for three phase. Its Stainless Steel 304L tank resists corrosion and maintains full operation during submersion.
■ Stainless steel tank (304L)
■ Submersible
■ Proven reliability
■ Resists corrosion
Product Range
- Single phase : 15kVA ~ 333kVA
- Three phase : 25kVA ~ 1000kVA
- HV : up to 25kV (150kV BIL)
- LV : Up to 600V (30kV BIL)
* Available in Amorphous Core
* Customized products are available according to customers' specification and requirements