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Cheryong's SIDT, Solid Insulation Distribution Transformer, represents a major advancement in transformer technology. The SIDT is built by oil-free construction with maintenance free solid insulation and is hermetically sealed in polymer shell. As a result, SIDT delivers exceptional performance, reliability and safety. Since SIDT does not contain liquid for insulation or cooling, there is no threat of an oil leak or explosion. In addition, the compact size of SIDT minimizes excavation work and enables easy installations in any location including very small and limited space. Our SIDT is designed specifically for sub-surface applications and can be installed for above-ground applications; such as buildings.
■ Oil-free solid insulation construction with APG casting technology
■ Underground type(subsurface)
■ Integrally molded HV bushings and LV cable leads
■ Non-corrosive, non-explosive
■ High short circuit withstand strength
■ Low sound level
■ Compact (50% smaller compared to conventional oil-filled transformer)
Product Range
- kVA : Single phase 25, 50, 75,100, 167
- HV : Single ratings from 4,160GrdY/2,400 through 27,700GrdY/16,000
- LV : 240/120, 120/240, 480/240, 277, 347, 480, 575
- BIL : High voltage 60 to 125kV, Low voltage 30kV
- Impedance : 1.0% ~ 3.5%
* Customized products are available according to customers' specification and requirements