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Cheryong has initiated and led the Amorphous transformer market for more than 20 years. With ever-growing needs for
eco-friendly product due to new legislations and an environmental sensitivity, we provide super energy-saving Amorphous transformer.
Cheryong provides reliable and flexible technical solution for great savings in cost and better efficiency.
■ Low no-load loss
- Reduces no-load loss by up to 75% when compared to conventional transformer
- Saves operation and maintenance cost
■ Substantially lower electricity cost when facility is not operating
Product Range
Amorphous Cast Resin Transformer : Up to 69kV 6MVA
Amorphous Oil Immersed Transformer : Up to 69kV 15MVA
*Manufactured the World's Largest Amorphous Oil Immersed Transformer (12/15MVA) to Samsung Electronics
* Customized products are available according to customers' specification and requirements


Amorphous metal is an amorphous magnetic material created from molten metal which is mixed with Fe, B, Si and others through a rapid cooling process(10⁶˚C/sec).

The array of atom is irregularly arranged into Amorphous state like liquid (random structure)

Due to the advantage that atom's rotation is easy to cope with the variation of magnetic field,
Amorphous metal reduces the hysteresis loss more than silicon steel

Amorphous metal has high natural resistance (3 times higher than that of silicon steel) and
the thin thickness of material (about one tenth of silicon steel) enables Amorphous metal to
reduce eddy loss and hysteresis loss more than silicon steel

Hysteresis Loss
Hysteresis losses are caused by the frictional movement of magnetic domains in the core laminations being magnetized and demagnetized by alteration of the magnetic field. These losses depend on the type of material used to build a core.
Eddy Current Loss
Eddy current losses are caused by varying magnetic field inducing eddy currents in the laminations and thus generating heat. These losses can be reduced by building the core from thin laminated sheets.
  • Structure of Silicon Steel

    1) Regular atomic structure (low electric resistivity)
    2) Thickness (0.18~0.35mm)

  • Structure of Amorphous Metal

    1) Irregular atomic structure (double electric resisticity than Silicon Steel)
    2) Thickness (0.025mm) / About 1/10th thickness of Silicon Steel

Reliability and Quality
  • 01

    Excellent short
    circuit capability

    Robust single coil construction address actual component of short circuit forces

  • 02

    Better overloading

    Lesser heat generation due to lower losses
    Lesser impact on aging of insulation

  • 03

    Assured Product

    Use of single quality core material
    Highly merchanized & standardized process to achieve consistency

  • 04

    Ease of Manufacture
    and Repair

    Easy lacing & unlacing of core for coil installation

  • 05

    Uniform Transformer

    Transformer designs through software to achieve optimum performance parameters