Global Leading Innovator

Changing the world through infinite challenges,
creativity and advanced technology


Core Value

  • High Quality

    Since our products are strongly related to everyday lifestyle, we put extra effort to eliminate defects or malfunctions. We strictly follow safety and quality related procedures to provide high quality products.

  • Business Ethics

    The way we operate our organization has tremendous effect onto our customers and employees. Cheryong's management enforces transparent operation and maintains excellent financial credit rating.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customers always come first; and their needs and requirements are of great priority and importance to us. We strive to create strong and transparent business relationship and constantly work to retain their customer loyalty.

  • Advanced Technology

    We are focused on delivering cutting-edge technology to our customers. Over the years, there have been gradual increase in investment towards research & development as well as on-site facilities.

  • Respect for People

    Cheryong's employees are of utmost importance. In order to serve them right and provide great confidence in using our products, we consistently tried to build positive corporate culture. We have open-door policies, pursue equal opportunities and also enforce anti-discrimination policies in place for our employees.